Experience is a key factor to success and in this on-line resume, you will find demonstrated how my experience has benefited companies in working better, reducing costs, automating processes, and improving process. This being accomplished by using expert skills in managing projects to identify and define requirements, establish standards, perform analysis, and provide tracking and communications that lead to the architecting and development of databases and applications that are flexible, extensible, and exceeds expectations.

Each page provides a brief description of the position that I held along with some key accomplishments. In addition, each page lists the skill and knowledge need for the position and tools used to achieve results. While many will only offer you a resume, I provide examples of my work from my most recent positions through a samples link on each experience page. These pages provide comprehensive insight of my experiences, skills, and knowledge, and how they have benefited the companies I have worked for.

Thank you for taking the time to review this site.