Fred A Kilby  PMP, CBAP

Fred Kilby is an accomplished Information Management professional who can partner with the business to improve efficiencies and increase productivity. With over 15 years of experience, he has proven abilities to build relationships, deliver results, solve problems, plan strategically, build and motivate teams, lead change efforts, and manage projects. He is an experienced professional with the technical and management experience to provide innovative solutions to even the most complex business challenges

Mr. Kilby’s passion is helping businesses run better. He calls this “Making it Better,” where the “IT” is the business function. He holds the view that improvements can be made to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies. He has accomplished this by standardizing procedures, redesigning processes, introducing automation, and motivating teams. His focus is to work with business leaders and senior managers to achieve the business results that they want. He believes that “Making it Better” is not a single approach but an orchestration of aligning business goals, technology, and people to get the right work done in the right way.